What can BOATR do for you?

BOATR is a one stop shop for boat owners looking for services around them for their boat or their trip.

This can be a Restaurant, Moorage, or a Gas station close by; A pump out services, engine/ bimi repair, or a shop carrying your oil filter.

Looking for more? BOATR can connect you to the social!

Services Around Me
Find the Services you need around you. Whether you are at port or on the move.
Moorage, restaurant... we have them all
Looking for a restaurant you can park by? A moorage for the night?
Look no further. With BOATR you can find, connect, and make a reservation before you even took the fenders out of the water.
BOATR can help you find all the boating services you need, whether they are on land, or on the water
Rent A Boat
Want to get on the water, but don’t have a boat?
With BOATR you can find community recommended boat/ kayak/ SUP rentals and book one, with a click of a button.

Make your summer day, or vacation day, a boating day, whether you are home or away on vacation!

Join the Social
Organizing a flotilla? Heading out for the weekend? Looking for a crew to help you sail to the islands?

Create and manage your events with BOATR:
Invite your crew and/ or members of the BOATR community to join you (*).

(*) Don’t worry, no one can jump on-board unless you “swipe right” on them

Host an Event
Create a event and assemble your crew. Easily coordinate and communicate with your crew and guests, making your day on the water easy and fun.
The Best User Interface
BOATR makes it easy for you to find the right event, join it, create it or coordinate it.

You are just a swipe away from a day on the water


See a glimpse of BOATR by dragging the screen to right and thumb through the application.

Sign up today!!

Interested in getting in touch? Want to join our beta testing? Wondering when BOATR is going to be launched in your area?
Drop us a line, and we will get back to you in a BOATR minute